Welcome to jaime barbiery decorative photography

Another perspective of photography


Welcome to my world of images. All of my photographs are a mixture of multiple elements: symmetry, details, colors, light, shapes, perspectives and angles.  This unique combination creates the decorative image which is characteristic of  all of my work.

Bienvenidos a mi mundo de imágenes. Todas mis fotografías son una mezcla de múltiples elementos: simetría, detalles, colores, luz, formas, perspectivas y ángulos. Esta combinación única crea la imagen decorativa que es característica de todo mi trabajo.


I customize my art to the needs of the collector. It can be ordered on matte polyester, polyester silk or canvas, depending on the wishes of the client. Size too is customized up to 90cm by 140cm To ensure that this customization is exactly what the purchaser desires,  please use the CONTACT tab to note the number of the image you are ordering (from the upper left hand corner of each photograph) and the size you wish.


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